2020/21 Winter Golf Tour

Format: The Winter Golf Tour consists of nine (9) scheduled events, along with a season finale. 
Entry Fee Per Event: $40 includes Green Fee & Tournament Entry / Annual Member Entry Fee: $25

Each event will have an individual or team payout for that day and a running WGT Cup Points allocation for the Tour. 
Tour allocations are as follows: 

1st Place = 100 points
2nd Place = 75 points
*3rd Place = 50 points
Participation = 25 points
*Double Points are awarded in WGT Finale. / *not all events will have a 3rd place.

WGT Men's Division Leaderboard
WGT Ladies Division Leaderboard

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WGT Season runs November 7, 2020 through March 27, 2021

Event 1 - November 7
3 Clubs & a Putter

Format: Individual stroke play / White Tee
Players may choose any 3 clubs plus their putter to complete the round
Men's 3 Clubs & a Putter Results 
Ladies 3 Clubs & a Putter Results

Event 2 - November 21
Turkey Trot 

Format: 2-Player Team, Best Ball Format / Black - Red Forward Tee
10 stroke max mandicap differential for partners
Men's Turkey Trot Results
Ladies Turkey Trot Results

Event 3 - December 5
Last Player Standing

Format: Individual Stroke Play / White Tee
Add your course *Handicap +72 to get your total amount of strokes allotted. Once you reach that number place your marker in the ground where the ball comes to rest. 
*Handicap allocation 80%
Men's Last Player Standing Results 
Ladies Last Player Standing Results

Event 4 - December 19
Holiday Nutcracker

Format: 4-Player Scramble / Tip & Tuck difficult course set up
Three tee shots of each player required / handicap allocation 20% - 15% - 10% - 5%
Men's Holiday Nutcracker Results
Ladies Holiday Nutcracker Results

Event 5 - January 2
Frostbite Open

Format: Individual Stroke Play / White Tee
For those who are brave enough to play in freezing temp's, we salute you. 
Men's Frostbite Open Results
Ladies Frostbite Open Results

Event 6 - January 23
3 Ring Circus

Format: 2-player teams with a new format every 6 holes
Holes #1-6 Scramble / #7-12 Alternate Shot / #13-18 Best Ball
Handicap allocation 50% lower handicap. 25% higher handicap.

Event 7 - February 6
Super Bowl Shamble

Format: 2-Player Shamble Format / White Tee
*10 stroke max handicap differential / HCP allocation 50% - 25% / 6 tee shots of each player required

Event 8 - February 27
18 Mulligan's

Format: Individual Stroke Play / White Tee
Players are allowed 1 mulligan* per hole to be used at their discretion.
*Note: if mulligan is used that shot MUST remain as the ball in play

Event 9 - March 13
Pick your Poison

Format: Individual Stroke Play / White Tee
Each putting green will have 2 holes and no flagstick... the choice is yours

W.G.T. Finale - March 27
Winter Tour Finale

Format: Individual Stroke Play / White Tee
Points Doubled and Super Skins Finale

Pre-registration strongly encouraged, please call the golf shop to register - 360.738.7401
Questions? Contact Phil Gaggero, General Manager - 360.738.7401