Senior Mens

A member must be 55 years of age or older. Regular members are members whose GHIN number fees are handled through the LPSMC. Associate members are members whose GHIN numbers are handled through the Lake Padden Men's Club or other approved golf club.

Membership fees for 2018 are $72.00 for full members and $36.00 for associate members.

Slow Play Policy

‚Äč2019 Tournament Schedule

5/8  Red Tees – Individual stroke play tournament where all players play from red tees

5/24  2-Man Scramble – Standard scramble format with teams composed of two players playing with another team of two players. 

6/5  Blind Foursomes - Foursomes will be compiled by a random drawing of the names of the players regsitered.

6/21  Two-man Best Ball - Two-man team event using the score of whichever golfer scores the lowest score on each individual hole.

7/3  Red, White and Blue - Individual golfer event. Each golfer will record their score for the hole, playing from the Red tees on holes 1 thorugh 6, the White Tees on holes 7 through 12 and the Blue tees on holes 13 - 18.

7/19  4-Man Devil Ball - This is a 4-Man team event. Teams will be composed of a random draw with each team having at least one player from each of the three flights. On each hole, one golfer's ball is called the "Devil Ball" (or "money ball"). The golfers rotate as the devil ball player. One every hole, two scores are added together to form the team score (the Devil Ball & the Low Score among the other three golfers on the team).

7/31  3-Ring Circus - A two-person team event. First 6 holes played as a typical scramble. Second 6 holes played in a best ball format. The last 6 holes played in the alternate shot format. 

8/16  4-Man Scramble - This is a typical scramble format with each player placing their ball no more than a club length from the favored ball. 

8/28 & 30  Club Championship - 36 holes individual stroke play tournament.

9/6  2-Man Shamble - 6 drives min/per player. Shotgun start with league meeting following lunch which is ordered upon registering. 

2019 Board of Directors

President: Paul Leuthold - 360-224-0196 -

Vice President: Roger Despain -

Secretary/Treasurer: Gary Pitcher -

Tournamet Chairman: Wally Wilson -

Handicap Chairman: Roger Long -

Past President: Jim Doran -

Member at Large: Bruce Disend -

Member at Large: Jim Wills -