2020/21 Winter Golf Tour

Format: The Winter Golf Tour consists of nine (9) scheduled events, along with a season finale. 
Entry Fee Per Event: $40 includes Green Fee & Tournament Entry / Annual Member Entry Fee: $25

Each event will have an individual or team payout for that day and a running WGT Cup Points allocation for the Tour. 
Tour allocations are as follows: 

1st Place = 100 points
2nd Place = 75 points
*3rd Place = 50 points
Participation = 25 points
*Double Points are awarded in WGT Finale. / *not all events will have a 3rd place.

WGT Men's Division Final Leaderboard
WGT Ladies Division Final Leaderboard
WGT Men's Super Skins Finale

Click here for more WGT details and information

WGT Season runs November 7, 2020 through March 27, 2021

Event 1 - November 7
3 Clubs & a Putter

Format: Individual stroke play / White Tee
Players may choose any 3 clubs plus their putter to complete the round
Men's 3 Clubs & a Putter Results 
Ladies 3 Clubs & a Putter Results

Event 2 - November 21
Turkey Trot 

Format: 2-Player Team, Best Ball Format / Black - Red Forward Tee
10 stroke max mandicap differential for partners
Men's Turkey Trot Results
Ladies Turkey Trot Results

Event 3 - December 5
Last Player Standing

Format: Individual Stroke Play / White Tee
Add your course *Handicap +72 to get your total amount of strokes allotted. Once you reach that number place your marker in the ground where the ball comes to rest. 
*Handicap allocation 80%
Men's Last Player Standing Results 
Ladies Last Player Standing Results

Event 4 - December 19
Holiday Nutcracker

Format: 4-Player Scramble / Tip & Tuck difficult course set up
Three tee shots of each player required / handicap allocation 20% - 15% - 10% - 5%
Men's Holiday Nutcracker Results
Ladies Holiday Nutcracker Results

Event 5 - January 2
Frostbite Open

Format: Individual Stroke Play / White Tee
For those who are brave enough to play in freezing temp's, we salute you. 
Men's Frostbite Open Results
Ladies Frostbite Open Results

Event 6 - January 23
3 Ring Circus

Format: 2-player teams with a new format every 6 holes
Holes #1-6 Scramble / #7-12 Alternate Shot / #13-18 Best Ball
Handicap allocation 50% lower handicap. 25% higher handicap.
Men's 3 Ring Circus Results
Ladies 3 Ring Circus Results

Event 7 - February 6
Super Bowl Shamble

Format: 2-Player Shamble Format / White Tee
*10 stroke max handicap differential / HCP allocation 50% - 25% / 6 tee shots of each player required
Men's Super Bowl Shamble Results
Ladies Super Bowl Shamble Results

Event 8 - February 27
18 Mulligan's

Format: Individual Stroke Play / White Tee
Players are allowed 1 mulligan* per hole to be used at their discretion.
*Note: if mulligan is used that shot MUST remain as the ball in play
Men's 18 Mulligans Results
Ladies 18 Mulligans Results

Event 9 - March 13
Pick your Poison

Format: Individual Stroke Play / White Tee
Each putting green will have 2 holes and no flagstick... the choice is yours
Men's Pick Your Poison Results
Ladies Pick Your Poison Results

W.G.T. Finale - March 27
Winter Tour Finale

Format: Individual Stroke Play / White Tee
Points Doubled and Super Skins Finale
Men's W.G.T Finale Results
Ladies W.G.T. Finale Results

Pre-registration strongly encouraged, please call the golf shop to register - 360.738.7401
Questions? Contact Phil Gaggero, General Manager - 360.738.7401


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