Club Fitting

Purchasing a set of golf clubs is a big investment. To dramatically improve the performance of your clubs, we recommend a custom club fitting. Through ball flight, static and dynamic measurements we will find the correct flex of shaft, lie angle, loft, and grip to guarantee maximum playability in your set

We feature the following fitting systems from the leading manufacturers of golf equipment world wide.

Taylor Made Select Fit System:

  • 15 Driver Heads with various lofts (8.5 to 13.5) and models
  • 17 Driver shafts of various length, flexes and kickpoints
  • *Over 63,000 possible driver combinations available (with MWT)
  • 3 Fairway woods and 2 rescue clubs
  • 18 Iron heads of various models and lie angles (4* up to 4* flat)
  • 17 iron shafts of varying lengths, flexes and materials
  • *258 total iron head/shaft combinations available

Regardless of your ability, properly fit clubs can help you hit longer, straighter, more consistent shots. By matching the proper club specifications to your swing, a qualified fitter can help reduce or eliminate undesirable shot patterns, like hooks and slices, allowing you to play closer to your full potential and making the game more enjoyable. Suprisingly, custom fit clubs don't cost any more or take any longer to build.

Play Better, Lower Scores, Have Fun!

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